Yukon Airways and Exploration Company Limited-Synopsis Page

The purpose of this page is to highlight certain areas for judges, that could not be added to the actual exhibit.

The primary resource of this exhibit can be found in Bill Topping's book, Yukon Airways & Exploration Company Ltd- A pioneer Airmail company.

Another resource used is a book by Longworth-Dames entitled, The Semi-Official Air Mails of Canada.

A third book was used from the American Airmail Society: The Air Mails of Canada and Newfoundland.

The last resource used, and where new found information came from is from the Stewart collection. The grandson of Gordon Stewart (who was employed by Yukon Airways in 1929), contacted me via email, and told me of his collection. From there, I have been able to acquire new found information that can be seen in the exhibit. The collection consisted of various company log books, diaries, photos, and other pieces of company records. From my knowledge, no other person has seen these records outside of the family. Some are shared below.

Journey and Aircraft Log Book and inside view.

Pilot Log Book and Engine Log Book.

From these log books, I have been able to determine every flight taken place from the delivery of the Northern Light, which took place from Colorado in the summer of 1928, right up until the final days of Yukon Airways in November of 1929. I have also made a visit to Whitehorse in the summer of 2008 and was able to visit the archives to catalogue flights via local newspapers, primarily the Dawson News.

Other piecies of the collection.

Stock certificate, along with all the original shareholders.

Flight ticket to fly aboard the Queen of the Yukon.

Contract between John Patterson and Yukon Airways.

This is just a sampling of the many items found in the Stewart collection.

Additional Information

On page 8, both the fronts of the letters sent out of the Territory. For this flight, only 3 covers are recorded, and the bottom cover only found this fall. I base this on a conversation I had with Bill Topping a few years ago. The bottom cover is of some historical significance as well. The cover was sent to George Black, Member of Parliament and his link can be found here. George Black link .

On page 9, I mention a commercial cover from Whitehorse to Dawson. This is the front of the cover. Mr H.G. Dickson was a land surveyor in the Territory and I assume the letter might have contained an invoice.

On page 10, is the front of the outgoing mail from Wernecke. This is the only piece of outgoing mail from the November 24, 1927 flight. All other mail originated at Whitehorse. The front has a clearer Wernecke postmark.