Sources for More information

For more information on Canadian aerophilately, the best sources are:

- for general information on all Canadian air mail stamps and covers: the Air Mails of Canada and Newfoundland. - This was a joint production by the Canadian Aerophilatelic Society (CAS) and the American Air Mail Society (AAMS), and is generally considered very informative and easy to use. It contains the four digit numbers by which most Canadian Government Flight Covers are referred: the three digit numbers which are sometimes still used for covers, are from Volume 4 of the American Air Mail Catalogue (1981) which is long out of print.

- for more detailed information on early air mail flights and stamps: The Pioneer and Semi-Official Air Mails of Canada 1918-1934 by C.A. Longworth-Dames, (published by Unitrade Press); and Newfoundland Air Mails: 1919-1939 by C.H.C. Harmer, (published by the AAMS).

- for the development of international air mail services from Canada, including routes and postal rates, Air Mails of Canada, 1925 - 1939 by George Arfken and Walter Plomish, (published by Charles G. Firby). [Available from Ian Kimmerly Stamps, 112 Sparks Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5B6; reduced price for CAS members.]

- for a summary of air mail rates up to the present time: Selected Canadian Postal Rates by Robert C. Smith, (privately published: contact Box 9383, Stn T, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3V1.)

Two very useful "general histories" of Canadian aviation are:

1) Canada's Flying Heritage by Frank Ellis, which is the classic on Canadian aviation up to 1940;

2) History of Canadian Airports by T.M. McGrath, which describes 143 airports, with many references to the airmail services that used them.

These are available in bookstores, or by mail from CANAV Books, 51 Balsam Ave.,Toronto, Ontario M4E 3B6.

Further information on many different flights, covers, and other aerophilatelic topics can be found in back issues of the society journal The Canadian Aerophilatelist. Back issues and an Index to this journal are available [click on Index to THE CANADIAN AEROPHILATELIST and Back Issues Service found on the first page of this website].