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Author and notes.

The Pioneer and Semi-Official Air Mails of Canada 1918-1934

C.A. Longworth-Dames.

Air Mail in Alberta 1918 to 2006

Denny May

Air Mails of Canada 1925-1939

George B. Arfken and Walter R. Plomish.

Official Air Mail Rates to Foreign and Overseas Destinations as Established by the Canadian Post Office: 1925 - December 1942

David Whiteley.

Schedules and Rates - Air Mail Services

published by the Canadian Post Office, March 1939.

Newfoundland Air Mail Postage 1937 - 1949

Jack Ince. Reproduces original announcements and rate tables from the Newfoundland Post Office circulars.

Newfoundland Specialized Stamp Catalogue, 6th edition 2006.

John M. Walsh and John G.Butt.

Airmail Catalogue: Canada and Newfoundland

by Smith, Crouch, and Jarrett, 1930.

The Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Airmails

Ian C. Morgan, 1931.

A Study of the Air Mail Labels and Air Mail Markings Found on Canadian Mail

David Hanes.

St. Lawrence Seaway - Ship to Shore Air Mail Covers, 1927-1934.

Jack Ince. A copy of his collection: each cover is written up with details of the route, rate, and developments in the service.

Finding Guide to the Richard K. Malott Collection of Documents on The Development of Canadian Air Mail Services

produced by the National Archives of Canada.

Canadian Air Mail articles

collected by Nelson Bentley.

Newfoundland Air Mail articles

collected by Don Wilson.

Harmers of London Auction Catalogues

for various sales, including: Newfoundland Airmails - the collection of Cyril H.C. Harmer, 26th February 2002 The "Labrador" Collection of Newfoundland Airmails, 25th February 2003

Charles G. Firby Auction Catalogues

for various sales, including: Semi-Official Airmails of Canada - the collection of Robert H. Jamieson, 15th October 1998. Canadian Airposts - Pioneer and Semi-Official stamps and covers - part of the collection of Murray Heifetz, 20th February 1999.

The Airpost Journal (published by the American Air Mail Society)

January 1947 to January 1950; and July 1964 to present.

Jack Knight Air Log

#1 (November 1943) to present.

The Canadian Civil Aircraft Register

John R. Ellis. Part 1: G-CAAA to G-CAXP (1920 to 1928), and Part 2: CF-AAA to CF-ACG (1929 to 1945), published by the Canadian Aviation Historical Society.

The Challenge of the Atlantic - A photo-illustrated history of early aviation in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland.

Bill Parsons.

Wings Across the Water - Victoria’s Flying Heritage 1871-1971

by Elwood White and Peter L. Smith.

Sixty Years - The RCAF and Canadian Forces Air Command, 1924-1984.

Bent Props and Blow Pots - A Pioneer Remembers Northern Bush Flying

Rex Terpening.

Air Mail, an Illustrated History 1793 - 1981.

Donald Holmes.

Flying the Mail.

from the Time-life Epic of Flight Series.

OAT and AV2 Markings.

Murray Heifetz. (AAMS publication - Second and Third Editions.)

Jusqu’a Airmail Markings.

Ian McQueen: "A Study" (published 1993), and Supplement (1995).

Recovered Mail

Henri Nierinck. First edition, 1918-1978; and second edition 1937-1988.

Airmail Operations During World War II.

Thomas H. Boyle Jr. A worldwide study.

Bridging the Continents in Wartime.

Hans E. Aitnik and Egbert Hovenkamp.

Wartime Air Mail - an introduction

by John Daynes. British and Swiss documents.

Intercepted in Bermuda, The Censorship of Transatlantic Mail during the Second World War.

Peter A. Flynn.

The Suspension of United States Mail to Switzerland - 1942 to 1944/1945.

Charles Lablonde.

American Air Mail Catalogue

Sixth edition Volumes 1, 2 and 3, and various volumes in the 4th and 5th editions.

Historical Souvenir Airmail Cover Catalog.

A.C. Roessler. Second Edition, 1932.

Sanabria Airmail Catalogue - North America, 1995.

Aircraft on Stamps Checklist

Barry Lewis.

The Pioneer Airplane Mails of the United States

Thomas J. O'Sullivan. (AAMS publication.)

Aerial Mail Service - A Chronology of the Early U.S. Governmental Air Mail, March - December 1918.

A D Jones. (AAMS publication.)

The Mass Flights of Italo Balbo - The Flights of 1928, 1929, 1930 & 1933 - A History & Catalog of their Postal Artifacts

Robert E. Lana. (AAMS publication.)

Scottish Air Mails, 1919-1979

Richard Beith.

Balloon Post of the Siege of Paris, 1870-71.

Louis Chaintrier. (AAMS publication.)

African Air Mail research notes.

documents donated by Jack Ince, and a photocopy of his collection.

Schweizerisches Luftpost Handbuch

1984. - The Swiss air mail catalogue: in German.

New Zealand Airmails

Charles Leski Auctions catalogue, April 19th 2004, for the sale of Mike Shand’s collection

Combi Mail

Van Dieten Stamp Auctions catalogue, May 27th 2004, for the sale of Frans van Beveren’s collection.

A Tradition of Excellence- Canada's Airshow Team Heritage

by Dan Dempsey. Contains 768 pages and over 1,800 photos. The book takes a look at the politics behind the creation and disbanding of various teams, and provides a wide-ranging history of military aviation in Canada from a different perspective.

The Horseshoe Route

published by Chavril Press. A short guide to the carriage of mail in World War II by air around the Indian Ocean from New Zealand and Australia to South Africa, and then to England by sea.

Undercover Addresses of World War II

published by Chavril Press. Details of over 340 secret addresses in 39 countries and territories used by Czechoslovaks serving in the Royal Air Force.

British South American Airways: 1946-1949

by Richard Beith. Designed as a source book for aerophilatelists, it includes notes on previous British attempts to introduce a South Atlantic airmail serivce, timetables, fleet lists, and many covers.

Phillips- Air Mail Magazine

published in England between June 1929 and October 1944. Nine copies available.

The Aero Field

A complete run from March 1970 to June 1983. This was published by Francis J. Field, who was for a long time the premier aerophilatelic dealer in Great Britain.

Air Transport Label Catalog

published by Don Thomas in the 1970's: Vol 1 section 1 Europe-Germany; Vol 1 section 2 Europe-France and section 3 Belgium, Netherlands and Dutch Indies; Vol 4 Latin America.

The Airpost Journal

we now of a large number of back issues from when it was first published by the AAMS in October 1931 up to 1946, and an almost complete run from 1947 to present.

The Stardard Airpost Catalogue- 1933 edition

published by The Berkshire Exchange.

Catalogue Des Aerogrammes Du Monde Entier

by Frank Muller. A comprehensive listing of First Flight Covers from around the world.

Airmails 1870-1970

by James MacKay. A chronological approach to the development of airmail.

Rocket Mail FLights of the World to 1986

by Dr. Max Kronstein. This book contains a lot of information about experiments in unmanned, high speed aerial mail delivery in the 1930's, and very little about the space-exploration trpe rockets.

British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines 1946-1954

by Laurence Kimpton. A beautiful book that describes the various airline services from Vancouver to Australia and New Zealand with lots of illustrations and covers.

A History of the World's Airlines

by R.E.G. Davies. Photocopied extracts.

Farther and Faster: Aviation's Adventuring Years, 1909-1939

by Terry Gwynn-Jones. A history of aviation tat focuses on speed and distance records.

The Time Shrinkers- Africa

by David Jones. The development of Civil Aviation between Britain and Africa, up to 1953.

Imperial Airways and the first British airlines, 1919-40

by A.S. Jackson. 165 pages: lots of information and illustrations.

Movements of Aircraft on Imperial Airways' African Route, 1931-39

by Peter Wingent. Records of some 2000 flights: flight numbers, dates, intermediate stops, and aircraft used.

The GUBA story. A tribute to an elderly lady

by John Wilson. The "lady" was a Catalina flying boat, that flew and carried mail in various places around the world, from 1937 to 1945.

Wartime Air Mail- An Introduction

by John Daynes. Details of air mail routes, as described in Post Office reports from Britain and Switzerland.

Reports of the Progress of Civil Aviation 1939-45

by John Wilson. Extensive extracts from reports produced for the British Government at the end of each year.

Imperial and Foreign Air Mail Services

Extracts from British Post Offics Circulars, various dates between May 27, 1942 and August 23, 1944.

British Empire Civil Censorship Devices World War II- Trinidad and Tobago

by R.G. Wike. Includes information on British and U.S. censor numbers.

West African Censorship, World War I and II

by J.J. Martin and F.L. Walton. Produced by the West Africa Study Circle, it covers Ascension, Cameroon, Gambia, Gold Coast, Nigeria, St. Helena, Sierra Leone and Togo.

French Postal Censorship in the Levant, September 1939-July 1941

by D. Zimmerman. Extracts from "The Bulletin of the Civil Censorship Studygroup".

The Postal History of the British Niger Coast to 1900

by Jack Ince. In Opusculum 1: an anthology of philatelic and istorical papers, published by The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada Philatelic Research Foundation, 1995.

American Airmail Catalogue- 2nd Edition, Volume 2

Includes seperate sections for Canada on Pioneer Flights, Semi-Official Flights, and Government Flights.

American Airmail Catalogue of Air Letter Sheets including Military and POW Air Letter Cards

by A world wide catalogue of airletters/aerogrammes with "an impression of a postage stamp" or other marking to indicate postage has been paid.

Slogan Postmarks of Canada-3rd Edition

by Cecil C. Coutts. Now 307 pages. Records slogan wording, where used and period used.

The Postal History of World War II Mail Between Canada and Switzerland

by Charles LaBlonde and John Tyacke. Covers most aspects of censorship in Canada.

Intercontinental Airmails, Volume 1, Transatlantic and Pacific

by Edward Proud. Historical Descriptions, schedules, and lots of rates, up to 1945.